Structural and Civil Engineering

We embrace the latest technologies to engineer and document our projects from initial concept, through planning, tender, design development and construction.

Our expertise in Digital Engineering and Building Information Modelling (BIM) allow us to collaborate with the cross-discipline team and integrate information at all stages of the project lifecycle. Our team uses these technologies to optimise our structural analysis and add to the overall value of the project.


We pride ourselves on delivering clear documentation that is rich in information and quick to interpret for all project stakeholders.

The goal is to identify value opportunities for our clients through alternative design concepts and construction strategies. This also involves determining any risks or constraints in the design and reviewing conformance with structural codes and building standards.


Drawing from our extensive industry experience, we work with many clients to provide independent peer reviews of structural design.

Where required, we will work collaboratively with the principal project team to identify and mitigate design and construction risks in a timely manner.


Our team offers independent review and certification services for projects in Australia.

We work closely with construction teams to ensure safe and cost-effective solutions around construction logistics, demolition and staging.

Our temporary works design includes: bespoke propping and formwork systems, cantilevered plant platforms, temporary structures for crane skating and scaffolding


Beyond permanent structure, our team uses our extensive design experience to solve unique building challenges with custom temporary structures.